About Summer Leaf Drop

?? Heads up, tree lovers! During July and August, Crabapples, ornamental pears, and ash trees may experience leaf loss due to infections caused by apple scab, apple rust, pear scab, and anthracnose. These fungal diseases target young leaves in early spring, and unfortunately, there are no effective treatments to stop the leaf loss at this stage of the season. Stay informed and learn more about summer leaf drop here: https://ostvigtree.com/about-summer-leaf-drop/ ? #TreeCare #SummerLeafDrop #FungalDiseases

Understanding Tree Watering Systems

You may think watering your trees is a job best done by Mother Nature but, if you want the trees in your landscape to stay healthy, you will need to step in from time to time. Watering your trees is an essential part of the tree care process and will better prepare your trees to…