Ostvig Tree Care for Corporate Campuses

Our corporate clients want to create a beautiful place for people to work and often appreciate the health benefits of trees in addition to their many other benefits. Trees are more environmentally friendly than grass, and by having many trees on your campus you’re creating a more sustainable ecosystem.

Business parks and corporate campuses need to look their best and actively work to minimize hazards for workers and visitors. Trees play a big part in both of these aspects of property management. Well maintained and healthy trees enhance the professional aspects of business parks and corporate campuses. When tree maintenance is deferred and trees become unsightly, they can reflect poorly not only on the management company in charge of property maintenance but also on the tenants who may rely on appearance for consumer confidence. Additionally, poorly maintained trees can become hazards due to falling limbs, blocked walkways and vehicle access, and the creation of trip hazards.

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With all that goes into maintaining business parks and corporate campuses, as a property manager, why make tree maintenance something you need to worry about.

Let us do that for you.

Annual benefits provided by parking lot trees in Sacramento, California, (8.1% tree shade) were valued at approximately $700,000 for improved air quality. By increasing shade to 50% in all parking lots in Sacramento, the annual benefits will increase to $4 million. Fifty million shade trees planted in strategic, energy-saving locations could eliminate the need for seven 100-megawatt power plants.

About Ostvig Tree Care


We promote the professional practice of arboriculture to foster a greater awareness of the benefits of trees.


Dedicated and diverse staff with professional backgrounds and experiences is here to serve you.


Whatever your arboricultural and tree care needs, we provide it. At every job, you can expect one of our ISA certified arborists to oversee every detail to make sure your trees are treated with care and that the job gets done right the first time.


Explore various tree care topics, from damaging tree insects and diseases to landscape best practices and seasonal tree care tips.

We will put together a consultative tree and shrub plant heath care program and we will identify the best tree care service that’s right for your needs!

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