Ostvig Tree Care for Villages, Town Houses and Small Communities

Townhouse or Townhome associations often have many trees to work with and concerns about energy efficiency and the benefits that trees bring to a property. We excel at explaining tree care to a diverse audience to help create buy-in and move forward the decision-making process. Our worry-free tree care lets you enjoy the look of your property without worrying about the possible threats to your trees and shrubs.

Life in a human-populated community is not always easy for trees that must survive conditions much harsher than in a park or other protected green space. Tree caregivers such as Ostvig Tree Care must continually monitor trees for damage, disease, and insect infestations, with an eye toward public safety. Most trees also have a set life span.

Removing trees and planting new ones is a basic part of the life cycle of community-grown trees.

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Rows of trees reduce windspeed by up to about 85%, with maximum reductions increasing in proportion to visual density. Because even a single row of dense conifers can cause large reductions in windspeed, effective windbreaks can be planted on relatively small house lots. Compared with an open area, a good windbreak that does not shade the house will save about 15% of the heat energy used in a typical home.

About Ostvig Tree Care


We promote the professional practice of arboriculture to foster a greater awareness of the benefits of trees.


Dedicated and diverse staff with professional backgrounds and experiences is here to serve you.


Whatever your arboricultural and tree care needs, we provide it. At every job, you can expect one of our ISA certified arborists to oversee every detail to make sure your trees are treated with care and that the job gets done right the first time.


Explore various tree care topics, from damaging tree insects and diseases to landscape best practices and seasonal tree care tips.

We will put together a consultative tree and shrub plant heath care program and we will identify the best tree care service that’s right for your needs!

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