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Homes landscaped with trees sell more quickly and are worth 5% to 15% more. Where the entire street is tree-lined, homes may be worth 25% more.
Caring for trees and overall landscaping of your estate is absolutely necessary when it comes to keeping your property in line with standards of your community. Our tree care team is most at home in green environments and is regularly called upon to provide tree management services for estates in Minnesota and surrounding cities. 

Studies show that for estates and higher-end real estate, the landscape adds 15-20% of the value to the property. The more trees you have on your property, the more important it is to have preventive care and regular maintenance. We also frequently help our clients with estates select the right trees to add to their landscape and advise on the best locations in terms of energy-savings and property value.


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Rows of trees reduce windspeed by up to about 85%, with maximum reductions increasing in proportion to visual density. Because even a single row of dense conifers can cause large reductions in windspeed, effective windbreaks can be planted on relatively small house lots. Compared with an open area, a good windbreak that does not shade the house will save about 15% of the heat energy used in a typical home.

Ostvig Tree prides itself on offering the premier estate tree care service is one of our specialties. Countless local estate owners trust us with the maintenance of their property, especially if they don’t live there year-round. Trees are our passion and maintaining them really allows us to pay attention to individual tree details as well as the overall tree canopy.

An Estate tree care service is absolutely necessary for various safety, law, and aesthetic reasons. Here’s a list of benefits of maintaining your estate’s trees, at least once a year.


Safety. Trees that go unmaintained are a huge hazard to the people, pets, and property around them. Low hanging branches can cause car accidents and damage your property, or your neighbors. Dead branches can fall unexpectedly or due to a storm. These loose branches can seriously hurt someone or damage your property.  Dried up branches that are on trees or that have fallen are extremely prone to starting fires.  If you neglect to maintain your trees, you can be legally liable for the damage done to a person, pet, or property.
Property appearance and value. Your neighbors can complain legally and force you to cut your trees’ branches if they are encroaching onto your neighbor’s property, even if no damage has been done to their property.  Trees and shrubs that are not maintained can make your estate appear unpleasant and unapproachable, which can be a huge downside if you’re trying to sell it. Keeping up with your tree maintenance can maintain your property value or increase it, which can be a great thing to consider when selling your home. A beautiful property is easily associated with a stunning lawn that has lovely blooming flowers and green-green grass. Failing to maintain your trees can result in limited sunlight to your grass and ground cover, resulting in a dull, brown lawn.
Maintain your trees’ health. Not many estate owners acknowledge that their trees need to be cared for and properly nourished to flourish, especially if they don’t live at the it.  Tree care for estates include regular pruning or trimming, mulching, fertilizing, cabling, soil management, root management, and other tree health services.  Ostvig Tree Care for estates also encourages healthy tree growth and reduction/removal of tree diseases.
Enhanced estate view. If you look out your window and notice that your property is starting to feel too “closed in”, then it’s time for a trim.
Allow for more sunlight. It can get pretty hot in the summer, but having just the right amount of sunlight pouring in is actually a good thing. Pruned or trimmed trees allow light into your home, reducing the amount of powered light you use. It allows grass and flowers to get enough sunlight to keep your property looking beautiful.  While trees also give refreshing shade to protect you from the scorching sun.
Keep in mind that, if you do your own tree maintenance, then you are responsible for any damages done to your property or your neighbor’s property.  There is a risk when you cut branches or try removing big branches, or even the whole tree with no professional knowledge. Trees need to be pruned (trimmed/cut) at certain angles, seasons, and special tools. Many estate owners who don’t check up on or live at their property use our estate tree care service for the reason of avoiding any lawsuits.

We will put together a consultative tree and shrub plant heath care program and we will identify the best tree care service that’s right for your needs!

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