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Tree and Shrub Pruning

Left to their own devices, your trees will prune themselves – sometimes onto your roof or car. Your plants need regular pruning and care to look their best and stay healthy.

Pruning trees and shrubs is essential to maintaining healthy plants. It’s important to remove dead or diseased wood, to increase air circulation to the plant’s interior and to increase flower and fruit production.

Pruning changes the form and growth of a plant. It is a preventive maintenance for both insect and disease damage. Many problems may be prevented by pruning correctly during the formative years for a tree or shrub. Trying to prune your own trees can be dangerous for you and for your tree; having your trees pruned by a certified arborist keeps them healthy and safe. Expert pruning means more beautiful tree crowns and more sunlight in your yard. DO NOT attempt to prune near electrical and utility wires. Call us and we will do it for you.

These are what we do in a tree and shrub pruning project.

  • Pruning promote plant health. We remove dead or dying branches injured by disease, severe insect infestation, animals, storms, or other adverse mechanical damage. We remove branch stubs. We remove branches that rub together because large branches leaves stubs that can cause several health problems, and the branches destroy the plant’s natural shape and promotes suckering and development of weak branch structures.
  • Pruning to maintain intended purposes for plants in a landscape. Pruning trees and shrubs help encourage flower and fruit development, maintain a dense hedge, and maintain or encourage a desired plant form or special garden forms.
  • Pruning to improve plant appearance. For most landscapes, a plant’s natural form is best. We make sure that we avoid shearing shrubs into tight geometrical forms unless they need to be confined or trained for a specific purpose. When plants are properly pruned, it’s hard to tell that they’ve been pruned.
  • Pruning to controls plant size and shape. We help keep shrubby evergreens well-proportioned and dense. We help remove unwanted branches, waterspouts, suckers and undesirable fruiting structures that detract from plant appearance.
  • Most importantly, pruning is for protecting people and property. We help remove dead branches. We take down hazardous trees. We help prune out weak or narrow-angled tree branches that overhang homes, parking areas, sidewalks and anyplace falling limbs could injure people or damage property. We help eliminate branches that interfere with street lights, traffic signals and overhead wires. We help prune branches that obscure vision at intersections. And for security purposes, we prune shrubs or tree branches that obscure the entry to your home.
Please wait patiently. I just finished cleaning up the branches outside. I'll be online in a second.