Research shows

that shoppers in well-landscaped business districts are willing to pay more for parking and up to 12% more for goods and services.

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Healthy trees improve the value of your property and can save you money. Trees work as a screen, a noise-dampener, an air-cleanser and a beautiful feature. Trees are the anchor of your property’s ecosystem – the health of your trees communicates the value of your landscape to others.

Studies have shown that

the health benefits of a vibrant natural environment include rapid healing, stress reduction, improved mental performance, higher immune response, a more positive attitude, and stronger interpersonal relationships.

Although our arborists are at the top of their game for tree care, they’re not content to rest on their laurels – they’re always learning so they can deliver the most invigorating sustainable solutions for you.

Ostvig Tree Care is a tree care partner dedicated to improving the total value of your property whether you need us to care for your trees, create a prairie or apple orchards, or build a tree fort for your kids.

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“Desk workers with and without views of nature were surveyed.  Those without views of nature when asked about 11 different ailments, claimed 23% more incidence of illness in the prior 6 months.”