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tar spots

Tar Spots

The black death, a cold black heart, fear of the dark, black cats, don’t go to the dark side! The idea that something that is dark or black is in some way evil is deeply engrained in our culture. Many of these instances are for good reason. Thanks to this prevailing opinion, a very common…

tree killer

A Tree Killer is on the Loose

While we might think of them as self-sufficient, big and strong, the mighty oak tree has become a major target for the killer disease known as “oak wilt”. For some time now this disease has been slowly moving across our state by way of an insect called “sap beetles”. It can also be root grafted…

tree's environment

Tree’s Environment

The quality of a tree is only as good as it’s environment. As long as a tree has access to sunlight, carbon dioxide, water and nutrients it will survive (Figures 1, 2 & 3). “This famous tree seems to sprout from solid rock.  It is preserved between the east and west lanes of Interstate-80 between…