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Spring Tree Care – Tree Care Tips | Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Spring Tree Care

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Spring Tree Care


Helpful Tips for Spring Tree Care

Spring has officially begun in Minneapolis and now is the perfect opportunity to address your post-winter tree care needs. Spring is the optimal time to give your existing trees the care they need to stay radiant throughout the warmer seasons. Plus, reviewing and updating your landscape will improve its appearance and life, and provide you with inspiration for new additions to your yard. Below are a few tips to help you prep your landscape.

Checking for Diseases
Checking your trees for signs of disease and insect infestation is crucial for the life of your trees. Signs of these issues can include partial leaf out and delayed bud break; that means that if your tree is missing leaves on a number of branches, or is not breaking bud at the same time as its neighbors, it’s likely struggling with disease or infestation. Any irregularities in the appearance of the tree, including leaf color and bark texture, should also be reviewed. If you do suspect your tree is diseased or infested, Ostvig Tree Care offers disease treatments and pest prevention. Treating the problem early will give your greenery a chance to regain its health and flourish again.

Pruning is essential for the health of your trees and for the safety of your yard and home. Pruning dead or diseased wood will assist with the circulation of nutrients within the tree’s system, allowing it to thrive. Pruning will also rid your trees of any low hanging branches or branches that put the safety of your property or loved ones at risk. You will want to take care of these before the spring storms are underway. If your pruning includes branches that are dangerously high, please be sure to contact a professional. Ostvig Tree Care offers Certified Aborists who can assist with your pruning needs – big or small.

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Mulching is an simple task with multiple benefits for your trees. Mulching around the base of your trees will help absorb and retain moisture, which will come in handy during the hot summer months. It also helps trees absorb the nutrients they need to stay beautiful and healthy. Be sure to remove the weeds from the area you will be mulching, as they can compete for the nutrients your tree requires.

Urban areas often lack the complete range of nutrients necessary for trees to reach their full potential. Fertilizing the areas lacking certain nutrients will help maximize your soil content. Just be sure to water the fertilized area, to assist in sending the nutrients to the soil and roots.

While much of the care for your lawn can be DIY, hiring a professional tree care company can be beneficial. Ostvig Tree Care offers a large range of landscape services, including those listed above. We have an experienced staff, many of which are Certified Arborists. We will help spring clean your yard in a safe and effective way.

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