How to Identify, Prevent & Treat Oak Wilt to Save Your Oak Trees

How to Identify, Prevent & Treat Oak Wilt to Save Your Oak Trees

You may have heard of oak wilt, but how much do you know about this deadly tree disease? Property owners with oak trees need to regularly look for signs of oak wilt disease. One infected tree and certain sap beetles, particularly Nitidulid beetles, can quickly transmit the disease, decimating the oak population. Once the onset of the disease has occurred, death of an oak in the red oak family may result in as little as one season. Trees planted in close proximity transmit the disease via their root systems, so beetles are not the only thing of which property owners need to watch out for.

The signs of oak wilt disease are wilting leaves, leaf discoloration and defoliation of the tree. Leaf wilt itself does not necessarily mean that a tree has contracted this fungal disease. Contact the Ostvig Tree Care oak wilt specialists if you are concerned about potentially diseased trees. Our arborists can trench between trees to prevent root-to-root contamination.

There are ways to prevent the spread of oak wilt disease including removing the tree especially if it is surrounded by other oak trees.  However, few property owners have the resources and knowledge to handle this fatal disease on their own. An ISA Certified Arborist, like those at Ostvig, can come to your property, diagnose the disease and begin oak wilt treatments.

Sap beetles are attracted to wounds on a tree during the months of May and June so trees should not be pruned or wounded during these months. They feed on the sap, incidentally picking up spores that they transmit when feeding on the next wounded tree.

Regular professional maintenance makes caring for oak trees a breeze. Ostvig can handle pruning and provide preventive and therapeutic oak wilt treatments in a safe and effective way.

For more information to prevent and treat your trees against oak wilt, consult with an ISA Certified Arborist from Ostvig Tree Care.

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