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Helpful Tips for Summer Tree Care – Ostvig Tree Care
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Helpful Tips for Summer Tree Care

Helpful Tips for Summer Tree Care

We might have bone-chilling temps in the winter, but summer for Minnesotans is just as hot and humid as it is for the rest of the Midwest. Because of this, it is important to protect yourself from the summer dangers like dehydration and sun damage – and you should be doing the same for your landscape. Follow the summer tree care tips below to keep your yard healthy and hearty through the sizzling summer months.

Watering your trees may be necessary during the summer months, depending on the rainfall frequency. During drought-like conditions, both new and mature trees should be watered to avoid health and pest problems. You can use a trowel to check the moisture content of your soil. Typically, mature trees need watering less often because their roots are deeper and able to reach larger sources of water than new, shallow-rooted trees. Beware of short, recurrent watering, which may seem ideal for newly planted shrubs; this can cause the development of a shallow root system.

Although pruning isn’t universally recommended during the summer, it’s the best time to prune certain species. Summer is a great time to prune elm, maple and walnut trees, which can sap excessively when trimmed in the late winter or early spring. It is also an ideal time to maintain the shape of evergreens. On the other hand, oak and dogwood trees should not be pruned during the summer months, when they are at a high risk for infections.

Barren spots are not only unsightly, but they are also hazardous to the overall health of your lawn. Weeds can appear where grass is lacking and absorb the nutrients that are essential to the health of your trees. Late summer is the ideal time to replenish cool-season grasses, which acclimate to our environment over the colder months. Aeration with broadcast overseeding is a commonly preferred seeding method, in which the soil is punctured and then overseeded to create a thick grass coat.

Summer can be a stressful season for your lawn which is why it is important that your plantings receive the appropriate nutrients. Be sure to monitor the nutrients your plants are receiving to determine what fertilizer you may want to lay during the late summer months.

Whether your landscape is part of a tight, urban setting in the Twin Cities, or a sprawling section of Dellwood, Minnesota, summer tree care is essential. Does the sun have you thinking about adding some shade trees to your landscape? Ostvig Tree Care can help you explore your options.

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